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Call for Papers: Archival Activism special issue for Archival Science

January 30, 2014

Archives Watch

Archival Science



Call for Papers

Special Issue on ‘Archiving Activism and Activist Archiving’



Guest Editors:


Ben Alexander, Queens College, City University of New York


Andrew Flinn, University College London, University of London



Although archiving the records of political activism, particularly grassroots activism, is not a new practice, it has often been a controversial and contested process resulting in informal and autonomous activist archival endeavours as well as collections in more orthodox higher education and other local and national specialist archival repositories. In recent years the collection, preservation and the promotion of the use of activist collections for historical research and for ‘social justice’ or ‘human rights’ struggles has become increasingly prevalent in the formal archival sector as well as amongst the growing numbers of independent and autonomous archival endeavours. This explicit alignment with political activism and social justice objectives is not without…

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