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Hack Your Worldview: How to Build a Diverse Network of Allies and Mentors

May 14, 2014

Here is my latest post for Hack Library School. If you would like to recommend other strategies, resources, or great groups who are working towards building a more diverse profession, please take some time to leave a message in the comments.

Unfortunately, very few schools spend any time talking with students about serving diverse populations. Even *fewer* schools  dedicate instruction time to networking or getting involved in professional activities. Almost no schools teach library students to embrace their future roles as advocates and global citizens.

The Hack Library School blog is regularly read by students all over the world. Your comment may be exactly what they need to get plugged in to the conversation. Please go share your wisdom.

Hack Your Worldview: How to Build a Diverse Network of Allies and Mentors.

One Comment
  1. I want to highlight two great posts on the topic of diversity in archives that have come out this month:

    Bell, Danna C. (2014, May 21). A Few Words on Diversity. In Off the Record [blog]. Available from

    Ranger, Joshua. (2014, May 13). Seeking Diversity and a Unified Field. In AV Preserve [blog]. Available from

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