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Introduction to Net Neutrality

June 25, 2014

I wrote a quick primer on Net Neutrality for Hack Library School.


As future information professionals, it is vitally important for library school students to follow major trends and topics in our respective industries. Today, library students  have more opportunities than ever to participate in discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of our profession. The tools at our disposal include library journals, websites like Hack Library School, microblogs like Twitter and Tumblr, and a wide variety of conferences.

One of the most significant topics affecting libraries today is the issue of network neutrality, or “net” neutrality. Library professionals, and the American Library Association (ALA) in particular, have lobbied on behalf of the Open Internet and net neutrality practices for many years. In supporting net neutrality, the ALA and other Open Internet advocates have expressed concerns about intellectual freedom and the right to information.

Net neutrality, a core component of the Open Internet, reflects the idea that access to information should not be restricted…

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