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Selecting an Archival Education Program: Supporting our Prospective Colleagues

May 1, 2014

We need more student and recent graduate voices in the conversation about archival education. SAA President Danna C. Bell published some of her thoughts about the state of education after MARAC. Check it out.

Off the Record

I was at MARAC last week (my compliments to the Host and Program Committee members for a great conference and to SAA Vice President Kathleen Roe for an outstanding plenary speech) and between sessions spent a lot of time talking to students, new professionals and some longer tenured archivists about issues relating to archival education programs.

Some of the longer tenured archivists expressed concern that some of the students coming out of archival education programs have never processed a collection or worked in an archival repository before completing their academic program. Others noted that some students come out of archival education programs with no experience in collaborating with other colleagues and little to no experience in how to interact with co-workers and patrons in a professional setting. I also heard from a couple of people who again noted that it would be a good idea to stop certifying archivists and…

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