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Let’s talk about salaries, let’s talk about you and me

March 25, 2014

Mademoiselle Archivist prepared an informal salary survey for archivists and affiliated professionals. The last formal survey conducted by SAA took place ten years ago. While I still believe strongly that SAA should conduct a new salary study across its membership, this informal survey will provide great data in the interim! Check it out and take the survey for yourself.

Stephanie Bennett

Paraphrased from Salt-N-Pepa with my apologies.

I have been curious about salaries in the archives world for oh-so-long. The data collections from SAA’s ACENSUS is 10 years old this year, so my curiosity lives on. The Association of Research Libraries collects staff salary information yearly, so if your library is an ARL institution: (1) the information will be applicable; and (2) should be readily available through your institution – I found it in our library catalog. Anyway, SAA members and ARL staff members do not comprise the whole of our profession, and will not ever do so. Also relevant is Rebecca Goldman and Shannon M. Lausch’s “Job search experiences and career satisfaction among recent archives program graduates.”

Inspired by a thread about librarian salaries on Reddit, which pointed to a thread about salaries on my bff job-hunting-blog Ask A Manager, I decided: why not do a DIY salary…

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