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Internships and Volunteering – the Section for New Professionals view

February 7, 2014

Students and new professionals in the U.S. and Canadian archives fields should check out this great post on the internship/job market debate from our counterparts in the UK and Ireland.

The New Archivist

Following the recent debate on the JISC Archive-NRA list-serv  about internships and volunteering (, the Archives and records Association (ARA) published an interim statement ( The ARA will issue a final statement on internship following the results of the research commissioned by the ARA Public Services Quality Group Volunteering Sub-Committee in the hope that it may provide additional information about the extent of unpaid work experience in the sector.

The Section for New Professionals (SfNP) raised concerns on behalf of new professionals with the ARA Board prior to the publication of the interim statement, summarised below. We would love to hear from the wider community, particular new professionals, who would like to share their views on our comments and the interim statement published by the ARA.

We are most concerned about the lack of clarity on volunteer and unpaid work experience on the ARA website. We…

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